When are the Strawberries, Peaches, Apples & Pumpkins ready?

Production Calendar for Meadowlark Farm

This year, 2022, we have peaches!  But…  despite the fact that in 2011 we selected more than 20 cold tolerant, late blooming peach varieties that would sequentially ripen in smooth succession from late June til first of September,  it doesn’t really work that way.  But for the most part, with awkward gaps and embarrassing pauses, we have a good peach season underway!  Check our facebook page for frequent ripeness updates

And we have plenty of apples!  Starting in July and finishing in late October/early November!

Click on this calendar to see a typical growing season (2019)  at the farm and roughly when it will be available.

Visit our Facebook page for updates on what is ripe today.

fiat fructus!