Pumpkin Patch Details and Prices

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Welcome to Autumn, 2022at the Meadowlark Farm Pumpkin Patch!!

Here is what to expect when you get to the farm:

We still have plenty of pumpkins in the patch as of mid October, 2022

•We charge $2.50 person, 13yrs and over, admission for entry, and you don’t need to make an appointment; just show up during the hours posted on this webpage and on our facebook page.

  • The farm store,  lots of picnic tables, kids swingset, friendly goats, restroom are adjacent to the parking lot. There are plenty of places to relax and sit around the store and there is a large shelter with picnic tables next to the pumpkin patch as well.
  • Snacks,   Meadowlark Farm Salsas and jams, cold water,  our own fresh pressed apple cider, delicious cider slushies and 7  kinds of our own hard cider on tap are all for sale in our store
    • The pumpkin patch is about 500 yards or 10 minutes’ walk from the store.
  • On weekends through October you can also ride on the blue hayrack trailer pulled by our antique red tractor.   PLEASE NOTE, we will do our best to move as many visitors as possible to and from the pumpkin patch
  • On weekends, the  blue trailer departs when it has 5 or more passengers and will drop you next to the pumpkin patch and bring you back after you pick your pumpkins.
  • Please bring  your own knife or shears to harvest pumpkins.  Or you can rent  a harvest knife for $1.00.
  • A Meadowlark Farm tractor driver will weigh your pumpkins at the tractor stop and will fill out your pumpkin tally sheet. After this you can load your pumpkin harvest directly into your car and just take your tally sheet to the farm store for payment.

• If you have accessibility problems please let us know and we will work hard to accommodate you!!
• If you pick a pumpkin, we expect you to pay for it.
• Please stay away from any equipment, barn, and pond and observe all precautionary signs.



Pumpkins and large decorative gourds are priced at 75 cents/ lb. if you pick them from the patch, and are a set price purchased from the store.

Small Pie Pumpkins and decorative gourds of the same size are $4.00.

We also offer free picnic sites available on a first come first served basis, farm store stocked with our own farm grown produce as well as other seasonal goodies and local treats.

Visit our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MeadowlarkFarm to learn more about special events during this Autumn season.

fiat fructus!