Photography Sessions

Meadowlark Farm welcomes photographers and their clients to use our farm and facilities as a venue for photography. The fees and provisions for this kind of use of the farm are provided below:

What is available for the photographer and client?

1. Parking, restroom and full pedestrian and limited vehicle access to the orchards, farm store and farm house environs.
2. Access to the farm both during normal business hours and during off hours.
3. Access to additional areas of the farm – such as the nature trail, ponds, greenhouses, etc – can be arranged with special permission.
4. Special seating, facilitation of larger group photo sessions, usage of farm props – such as the antique tractor, farm animals, etc can be arranged with special permission.

Fees for usage:

1. $25.00 per hour for usage during normal business hours as posted on our webpage, with no partial hours or pro-rating.
2. $50.00 per hour for usage during off –hours as posted on our webpage with no partial hours or pro-rating, and with the off hour fee starting at the time of farm closure.
3. Other usage requiring special permission will have an extra charge.

Making arrangements for your photography session at the farm:

1. Please contact us at by email at to schedule a time for your photography session. Try to schedule at least one week prior.
2. Please feel free to call if you have any questions. Actual appointments and scheduling must be done by email.

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