School Field Trips

Field Trips to Meadowlark Farm Orchard & Cidery

Field trips are available At Meadowlark Farm Orchard & Cidery on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Field trip themes are associated with the prevailing crop or season and can be tailored to the educational needs of your group.  for example, Summer: peaches, Autumn: apples, October: pumpkins and/or apples, Winter: orchard/farming & wildlife, April: Orchard blooms and bees, May: strawberries. We are open to other themes as well in coordination with your Educational goals.

Field trips will last about two hours, comprising:

  1. Arrival and simple orientation: 5-10 minutes (introductions, where are the restrooms, what are we going to do and where).
  2. Theme specific  Story Telling or Reading: 20 minutes, includes an age-appropriate learning sheet that could include fill in the blanks/scavenger hunt/coloring. This can be filled out while they are on their adventure or when they return and are having their snack at the picnic shelter (visitors bring their own snacks).
  3. Walk to the orchard or pumpkin patch, ~ 45 minutes, Children will pick four or five apples or peaches, or a small pie pumpkin then return to the picnic shelter for snack time
  4. Snack time & play on the play set, ~ 45 minutes, complete the learning/coloring sheets, question & answer, meet and greet some of our goats.
  5. Departure

Thematic options: peaches, apples, cider making, pumpkins, vegetable planting, strawberries, wildlife. We are open to other themes as well in coordination with your educational goals.


$125 per visit for 10 children or less,   up to 4 accompanying adults are free

$200 per visit for 11 to 20 children, up to 6 accompanying adults are free

$ 275 per visit for 30 to 21 children, up to 8 accompanying adults are free

  • Maximum 30 children per visit.
  • Limited number of adults and chaperones are free.  We recommend 1 adult per 5-6 children.
  • More adults are welcome but will be charged the $2.50 entry fee.
  • All are welcome to pick extra fruit for the regular price.

Meadowlark Farm provides:

  • A tour guide who will meet your group, lead the story-telling/reading, lead the group to the orchard, pumpkin patch etc, and provide formal and informal educational content.
  • Age appropriate worksheet/coloring sheet for each child with content that elaborates on the theme of the field trip.
  • a sturdy paper picking bag for each child to pick fruit into.
  • 4-5 pieces of fruit, or one small pie pumpkin
  • Sole usage of  the main picnic shelter for the duration of your visit.

How to book your field trip:

Send an email with:

  1. Your preferred and alternate date and time for your field trip to   Dates should either be on a Tuesday or a Thursday.
  2. Provide anticipated numbers of children, age range or education level, anticipated number of parents/chaperones.
  3. Thematic interests and other program interests/requirements.

The field trip coordinator will respond to you by email to finalize the dates, theme of the field trip, learning sheets, etc.

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