Local Food Farm Tours of Meadowlark Farm

Where does your food come from? How does local food get from the farm to you? Meadowlark Farm is happy to share our experiences with you through educational farm tours for schools, churches, and other groups interested in local food, local farms and farming skills.

Two of the cornerstones of our approach to farming are:

  • “Practice careful stewardship of our land and the things that live on it”
  • “Share what we are learning about good land and crop husbandry with our customers”

Farm tours are a way for our customers to learn more about how we raise fruits and vegetables. The things we grow have many needs at different times of the year, so each season will feature a different kind of farm tour. So an early spring tour could include hands on fruit tree pruning and apple grafting and vegetable seedling production, as the season progresses, visitors could participate in fruit thinning on the peaches and apples, vegetable planting and setting up drip irrigation systems, then later visitors could participate in harvesting, pest management, peach budding and marketing.

We are ready to customize our tour content to the ages, interests and needs of the group. We hope that Meadowlark Farm tours will provide visitors with an introduction to some important horticultural skills and a raised awareness of how our food is grown and provided to our customers.

Our tours take about two hours and comprise three or four different learning stations throughout the farm. We can transport your group on our trailer which is equipped with a canopy and simple bench seating. Our trailer can accommodate a maximum of 20 passengers of mixed children and adults, or 10 to 15 adults.

A typical Meadowlark Farm tour would unfold as follows:

The tour group meets and gathers in the Meadowlark Farm parking lot. Tom Brown, owner, and leader of the tour, will familiarize the group with the basic amenities and layout of the farm. Then the group will load onto the antique tractor-pulled trailer and proceed to the first stop. At each location, members can get off the trailer to closely see the topic of discussion and hopefully participate in the activity; like harvesting or budding or pruning. At the end of the tour, light refreshments are possible or the group can bring their own snacks and can use the Meadowlark Farm picnic areas free of charge.

Each tour will last about 2 hours and the cost is $200/tour.

To learn more about a tour for your group, please send an email to Tom Brown, (tom@themeadowlarkfarm.com) in which you should describe what you want out of a tour for your group and your preferred date of the tour.

fiat fructus!