About -Meadowlark Farm

FarmMeadowlark Farm was started by my wife and I (Tom and Gina Brown) in 2010, with the help of many generous and hardworking friends.  Since then we have planted about 2000 peach trees and about 2000 apple trees.  We planted many varieties of both, hoping that some would always flourish in the vagaries of the Kansas prairie climate.  We also raise about 2 acres of strawberries which are harvested in May and June. We sell what we grow at our farm  and Old Town Farmers Market in Wichita. We welcome visitors to the farm throughout the growing season.  We offer pick-your-own peaches and apples as well as vegetables from June through October.  We also have a simple, real-live pumpkin patch in October.  We want folks to come out to the farm for fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables and then feel free to stay for a picnic or a walk through the orchard.

We want Meadowlark Farm to:
• Grow delicious and healthy food for our customers

• Practice careful stewardship of our land and the things that live on it

• Share what we are learning about good land and crop husbandry with our customers

• Be a place of honest and creative work; enjoyable for employees and customers alike.

• Be a profitable, innovative business; responsive to customers’ needs and interests.

Who we are
Gina and I are both Kansas natives but have lived for many years outside of the US where I worked in agriculture development projects in Pakistan and Afghanistan and where Gina schooled and raised our children, in addition to providing health care to Afghan women in a Mother/Child clinic in Kabul, Afghanistan. We are very thankful to have been blessed with rich lives of creative work and colorful friends from all over the world. Our years with farmers in the deserts and mountains of Central Asia might bring a bit of quirkiness to my approach to farming in Kansas, but years away from home also sharpened our appreciation of the good people of Kansas. We really enjoy our customers at the farm!


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