Strawberry Picking Season!

Strawberry season has started at Meadowlark Farm! Pick your own for $5.00/pint or buy them from our farm store already picked for $7.00/pint.

We are open for strawberry picking season from Wednesday through Sunday 10am till 5pm. Strawberry picking should continue for most of May, and possibly longer.

Always check our facebook page at:

for ripeness updates before you visit. if we have a lot of customers one day, they might pick all the ripe berries and you will be better off waiting a few days for more strawberries to ripen up.

Here’s what to expect when you come to Meadowlark Farm for picking strawberries:

1. Park in the parking lot and come to the farm store where a Meadowlark Farm employee will provide you with a a picking basket and 1 pint clear plastic containers or ‘clamshells’ into which you will harvest your strawberries. Each clamshell holds about 1 pound more or less of strawberries.

2. Follow the “pick here” signs down to the strawberry patch. The strawberry patch is about 50 yards from the parking lot.

3. Please follow all of the social distancing and coronavirus guidelines with which we are all now familiar; especially keeping your group separate from others appropriately.

4. You may pick as many 1 pint clamshells as you like. Please use only the 1 pint clamshells that we provide. Do not bring your own containers.

5. Please do not eat strawberries you have not paid for.

6. When you have picked it full, the clam shell must snap closed. Extra fruit will be removed and put into another clamshell which you will need to purchase for the full price of five dollars per pint.

You can pay with cash or credit or debit cards at the farm store

7. Please feel free to use our picnic areas and enjoy the things we have on offer in our farm store including hard cider and homemade fruit jam from Meadowlark Farm grown fruit

8. Please remember this is a farm. The fruit in the strawberry patch can be dirty and is not ready to eat until you have washed it. Also wear sensible clothing for a possibly muddy situation.

9. We are thankful to have the opportunity to share this farm with you and look forward to seeing you!

fiat fructus!